Take back the outdoors with a balcony privacy screen

Take back the outdoors with a balcony privacy screen

Don’t lose your view

If you love the outdoors, you want to make the most of your balcony, pool, deck or garden without frying in the sun or neighbours as an audience. But if you can’t build a screen, what do you do? A balcony privacy screen from Lookout Screens is the perfect choice to take back the outdoors.

Most screens need to be attached to a structure. If you’re renting, that choice is out. And if you own your home, you mightn’t want to drill holes in it.

Now you don’t have to.

Lookout Screens are a patented Australian design for instant privacy and shade anywhere you need it. Easy to buy, simple to set up, and just what the doctor ordered for your balcony, or to get in some private time on the pool deck.


"We purchased two blinds. These were easy to put up and do a great job at providing a screen for privacy and against the western sun in the afternoon. All the fittings look and feel like quality components. Heavy and sturdy, not flimsy. We did have an incomplete part delivered but it was promptly replaced when Lookout was advised. We are very happy with them." 
- Kylee Fraser Purchased October 2019

Excellent product, strong and keeps the privacy on my balcony. Highly recommended.
- Chris Brown - Purchased December 2019

I have a Lookout Screen and found it easy to install, it has worked excellently and I would highly recommend. It is very strong and durable
- John Rovera - Purchased December 2019

"Bob went out of his way to retrofit a Lookout Screen for the dimensions of my balcony at no extra charge. It's providing my tenant with a much needed extra level of privacy. It's not total privacy, though. If I was to request anything it would be a thicker material, although I acknowledge that this may be difficult if it's to still have gaps in the weave for the wind to pass through."
David Hutchinson Purchased June 2020

Just loving the 2 screens purchased for my balcony; sturdy, provides the shade and privacy which has given me an extra room to enjoy. Many thanks to Bob for his great customer service.
Peta-Anne Shaw Purchased January 2021

Quality that stays looking good

Bob designed Lookout Screens to last, using good old fashioned Aussie ingenuity. His innovative approach to manufacturing delivered a screen that’s strong and durable, but lightweight and easy to use.

And they’re more than practical. The subtle, streamlined design blends in to any setting.

All you need is a place to attach the patented universal clamps (up to 140mm) on a railing, fence, post, panel or wall. In minutes you’ll be relaxing on your balcony, enjoying a glass of wine on the deck, or setting up for lunch in the garden.

Enjoy the outdoors on your terms

No matter where you live, the portable, retractable balcony privacy screen lets you soak up the outdoors your way.

Are you renting? A privacy screen gives you freedom. Yoga on the balcony? Go for it.  Patio breakfast without an audience? You bet.

  • Shield your balcony or courtyard without upsetting the landlord or the body corporate
  • Enjoy affordable privacy and shade that moves with you
  • Create a private space without giving up your view.

Own your home? Put down the power tools. There’s no screws, nails or other fixtures to worry about.

  • Trust in quality material that’s strong and easy to maintain
  • Save money by avoiding building or buying a fixed screen or shade structure
  • Screen your pool, your garden, your garage, your deck or your verandah

Choose instant privacy and shade

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