Retractable Privacy Screen Outdoor

Who doesn’t love sitting outside on the veranda enjoying a cup of coffee, a cool drink, or a good meal with friends or family? Unfortunately, modern living does not afford us much in the way of privacy nowadays, so you’ll have to enjoy your morning or afternoon in full view of curious neighbours. Whether you are just looking for a shady spot out of the sun or privacy from prying eyes, we have the perfect retractable privacy screen for outdoor areas.

 Lightweight, completely mobile, yet sturdy enough to stand up to almost any weather condition, you can ensure your privacy with a retractable screen without evoking the ire of your body corporate by erecting a permanent structure. Here are some of the benefits of the Lookout portable privacy screen:

  • Convenient: Create a cosy, private spot on your veranda in seconds. You can kick back and relax without worrying about passers-by or your neighbours seeing what you’re up to. You can enjoy your outdoors in complete privacy.
  • Protection: Sometimes, a warm spot in the sun is just the thing to drive the winter’s cold out of your bones. Other times you need some protection from the harsh rays of the sun and the scorching wind. The Lookout portable privacy screen is just the thing you need.
  • Mobile: It installs in minutes and sets up in seconds. And when you move – or go on holiday – simply remove it and take it with you. You can easily loosen it from your veranda railing and remove it without leaving any sign it was ever there.

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What our customers say...

"We purchased two blinds. These were easy to put up and do a great job at providing a screen for privacy and against the western sun in the afternoon. All the fittings look and feel like quality components. Heavy and sturdy, not flimsy. We did have an incomplete part delivered but it was promptly replaced when Lookout was advised. We are very happy with them." 
- Kylee Fraser Purchased October 2019

Excellent product, strong and keeps the privacy on my balcony. Highly recommended.
- Chris Brown - Purchased December 2019

I have a Lookout Screen and found it easy to install, it has worked excellently and I would highly recommend. It is very strong and durable
- John Rovera - Purchased December 2019

"Bob went out of his way to retrofit a Lookout Screen for the dimensions of my balcony at no extra charge. It's providing my tenant with a much needed extra level of privacy. It's not total privacy, though. If I was to request anything it would be a thicker material, although I acknowledge that this may be difficult if it's to still have gaps in the weave for the wind to pass through."
David Hutchinson Purchased June 2020

Just loving the 2 screens purchased for my balcony; sturdy, provides the shade and privacy which has given me an extra room to enjoy. Many thanks to Bob for his great customer service.
Peta-Anne Shaw  Purchased January 2021

Retractable Privacy Screen Outdoor

The Ultimate in Quality and Convenience

The Lookout mobile outdoor privacy screen is retractable up to a maximum of three metres. At the height of 1.8m, it provides more than enough privacy for you to feel at ease in the privacy of your veranda – 5.4 square metres of privacy.

 The Lookout portable privacy screen is made from a 30% woven polyester interior layer and a 70% PVC exterior layer and is specially designed so you can see out. Still, nobody can see from the outside in.

  • Our privacy screen was designed and warehoused in Australia and was manufactured in China from superior quality materials that will stand up to nearly any weather condition. It requires very little in terms of maintenance. Just a quick wipe-down with a damp cloth from time to time should keep it looking good for years to come.
  • Your Lookout portable privacy screen does not require any drilling to install. Each screen comes with our unique patented clamp system that effortlessly fixes onto most veranda railings in a matter of minutes. It can be easily removed at any time without leaving a mark. Thus, it is fully allowable for most body corporate rules as it is not a permanent fixed structure.

Join the new revolution in personal privacy with your very own Lookout portable privacy screen. Now you can ensure your valuable privacy while keeping well within the rules and regulations of your body corporate with a practical, non-invasive, fully mobile screen on your veranda.

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