One-Way-View Privacy Screen

Verandah Privacy Screens

Our one-way-view privacy screen options provide customers with the outdoor relaxation experience without any prying eyes. In addition, our screens are portable, making them easy to install, and with no damage to your property promise. So, if you love sitting outside on your deck, a one-way-view privacy screen can make your time outside a little more private.

Where Can You Use Our One-Way Outdoor Privacy Screen?

Privacy should come with any residence, whether you live in a house, townhouse, or apartment. As individuals and groups, we want privacy during many distinct aspects of our lives, whether to enjoy a cup of coffee with messy hair in the morning or when we have friends over for a gathering.

So, where can you use our privacy screens to accommodate your lifestyle?

 Apartment balconies. Most apartments with balconies don’t include much space, and if you’re renting, you certainly can’t install permanent privacy screens. However, during these times, our privacy screens prove an absolute treat. You can put them up and take them down at your own leisure without stepping over body corporate rules.

  • Your home deck. Having a gathering outside on your deck – or even some alone time reading a book – shouldn’t open you up to prying eyes travelling past your house. Instead, simply put up our screen to accommodate your time outside and take it down when you’re done.
  • Relaxation by the pool. Not everyone feels comfortable at their swimming pool if it means others can see them. So, why not create your own private little oasis? You can even section off your banana lounge from others so you can enjoy your time sunbathing and swimming without worries.

With our privacy screen, Bob – the product creator, set out to give everyone reliable access to tools that provide privacy without needing permanent installations. It’s lightweight; it’s durable; it’s waterproof, and it’s your bit of portable shade wherever you go.

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One-way privacy screen for verandahs

What people have to say about our privacy screen

"We purchased two blinds. These were easy to put up and do a great job at providing a screen for privacy and against the western sun in the afternoon. All the fittings look and feel like quality components. Heavy and sturdy, not flimsy. We did have an incomplete part delivered but it was promptly replaced when Lookout was advised. We are very happy with them." 
- Kylee Fraser Purchased October 2019

Excellent product, strong and keeps the privacy on my balcony. Highly recommended.
- Chris Brown - Purchased December 2019

I have a Lookout Screen and found it easy to install, it has worked excellently and I would highly recommend. It is very strong and durable
- John Rovera - Purchased December 2019

"Bob went out of his way to retrofit a Lookout Screen for the dimensions of my balcony at no extra charge. It's providing my tenant with a much needed extra level of privacy. It's not total privacy, though. If I was to request anything it would be a thicker material, although I acknowledge that this may be difficult if it's to still have gaps in the weave for the wind to pass through."
David Hutchinson Purchased June 2020

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