Set up and use of your Lookout Outdoor Privacy Screen

Instructions to set up your outdoor privacy screen. No screws or nails needed!  

Your simple balcony shade solution. Fast to set up or take down.

Your outdoor privacy screen is easy to set up. This is a retractable blind for outdoors that comes in a large cassette ready for you to install. The first time you do it, allow about 15 minutes to put the clamps together and test it out. After that, you’ve got instant shade and privacy that retracts in seconds.

Setting up your outdoor privacy screen

  • All our outdoor privacy screens come with on first-time set up, and every day use. Start by deciding where you want to use the screen, and attach the two patented steel clamps to the railing, fence, post or pool panel. They’ll fit anything up to 140mm
  • Once attached, its simple to adjust the clamps if you want to move the shade around.
  • With the clamps secured, hook one end of the screen into one clamp and pull the handle to extend the screen to the length you want, up to 3 metres.
  • Then hook the other end of the screen into the second clamp and enjoy your outdoor area in complete privacy and comfort.
  • It’s that simple.
  • When you want to move it, simply unhook and retract the screen. You can re-position the clamps and set it up again, or pack it away.

Enjoy life outside

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